HQ Monaro GTS

monaro gts

While researching a story on ‘Stars and their Muscle Cars’ for this magazine a few years ago I was told I should talk to legendary radio personality Ron E Sparks. He said he was happy to talk but at the time couldn’t find any photos of the silver HQ Monaro GTS that was his pride and joy in the mid-1970s.

He has since found a photo and also supplied some fascinating background information. This car has a Peter Brock connection.
“I was working at 3XY Melbourne (in 1975) and knocking around with Peter Brock,” he explains. Brock was sponsored by 3XY at the time.
“The HQ 308 was in the used car lot at Strapp Ford so Brocky came along with me to give it a drive. You should’ve seen the look on the salesman’s face when I asked him if my friend could take it for a test drive. Classic.”

“Brocky gave it more of a thrashing than I would have liked, then pronounced it ‘a good unit’ so I bought it.”
When Ron moved back to Sydney soon after to join 2SM the Brock-approved Monaro went with him. This photo shows it parked outside his flat in Paddington. We’re pretty sure it would have had one of those classic 2SM stickers on the back window.

“It’s got a ding in the fender where another driver ‘failed to give way to the right’,” he explains. Later he fitted even wider tyres to the rear to achieve that classic ‘Hoon Monaro’ look.
After his time at 2SM, Sparks joined Triple M, 2 Day FM and is currently with Sydney’s WSFM. He no longer owns the Monaro but obviously misses it. On his emails he signs himself ‘Ron E. Revhead.’


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