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Muscle News
Hot off the ship: lots of 2016 Mustangs for Aussie buyers, just in time for Christmas. Hot off the press: will Buick's LaCrosse replace the Commodore? Walkinshaw takes a new tack with RAM truck conversions.

Muscle Maniac
A special Auction Update profiles the remarkable cars Graham Alexander has put on the block. There's a Monaro GTS 327, A VK Brock Commodore Group A, an XU-1 Torana and more.

Muscle Mail
Our letter-writers are devils for details: the flags on Moff's Falcon; tips for Torana restoration; help with XW and XY Falcons; and a mysteriously marked hubcap.

Racing legend Fred Gibson discusses repairs, restoration and replicas – and a remarkable Falcon XY GT. Paul Gover recalls when news of Holden's link with Nissan caused legal fury.

Homebush Mustangs
How would you sell the new 1966 XR Falcon to Aussie car-buyers? Simple, put a right-hand drive converted US Mustang in every Ford showroom. Believe it or not, it worked.

Tickford Mustangs
If you wanted a Ford Australia-delivered RHD Mustang in 2001, this was the only way to go – a full conversion, by Tickford no less – for no less than $85,000. These cars are now being appreciated more widely.

Buying an old 'Stang
So you want to buy an old Mustang? Import or buy locally? Convert or leave as a left-hooker? These, and other curly questions, are fielded by an enthusiast who's ‘been there and done that'.

Top 25 racing Mustangs
We name the top 25 competition Mustangs with Aussie connections; some more successful than others, but all notable contenders.

More Mustangs! From the Bowden collection: Pete Geoghegan's 1965 mount; back-to-back with the 1966 Homebush-converted 4-speed.

Muscle Man
In mid-1960s Hobart, Garth Wigston made his mark in touring cars and paved the way for other Tassie wheelmen like Bowe, Parsons and Ambrose.

Aussie Muscle Car Run
Year four of this fun event saw the South Aussie fundraisers head into Mad Max territory. AMC was lucky enough to tag along.

Chook Shed Commodore
The ultimate barnfind: we confirm that the Group A VK roosting in a Victorian farmer's chicken shed really is Brocky's 1985 Bathurst entry.

Ten years of GT3
The GT3 class has been a revelation, but will the fun continue?

Ricciardello Alfa
Quite simply the most succcessful Sports Sedan of all time.

Punters Pics
This issue's photos take us back to King Edward Park in '71, Bathurst in '86 and the arrival of a 308 Sandman in 1975.

V8 Sleuth & R-Rated
Aaron discovers two new motor museums. Meanwhile, R-Rated gets really rigorous about XY GT specs and colour schemes.

Slotcar renaissance
They were big 40 years ago and now they're back, this time with classic Aussie touring cars and the latest scale-model technology.

Sacred Sites
Not so much sacred, as stillborn: we reveal street circuit ideas that never became reality, but could have made history.

Australian Muscle Car-Magazine-Current issue