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In this crazy high tech world, dominated by Ipod’s and Nintendo Wii’s, I found some inner peace recently when I opened a Christmas present that didn’t require a degree from MIT to operate!

So when the 25th of January, a.k.a Australia’s Greatest Sick day, rolled around I finally had five minutes to sit down with the old man, and piece together the little engine that could which you can see above.

In short it’s a single over head cam, four banger and comes as a kit with around 95 parts and over 65 screws to massage together. It took a little over two hours and a couple of beers for two amateurs to put together and I would recommend it to any father and son team.

Once complete the engine is powered by a small electric motor that turns the crank, moving the conrods and cylinders through the block, whilst spinning the fan and operating the cam and valves. You can even adjust the timing so that your light up spark plugs detonate at exactly the right time!

For and RRP of around $69, Haynes have really nailed this one! For more info click through to

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