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The man who built the original Mad Max Interceptor for the smash-hit 1979 release film took his daughters to netball in the famous car before he handed it over to producers before filming.

That’s just one revelation from Australian Muscle Car magazine’s comprehensive look at the most famous GT Falcon ever built.

AMC’s latest edition, which is now on sale, provides the real story behind the XB Falcon GT-based hero car.

AMC spoke to the men who designed, built and drove Australia’s most famous muscle car. We track the car’s movie career, explode some myths and pay homage via the ultimate replica.

But back to the ‘netball dad’ who built it.

Ray Beckerley worked for Melbourne-based Graf-X International and was given the brief from movie-maker Kennedy Miller’s art director Jon Dowding to create the machine.

Not that Beckerley thought much of the project at the time, 1977.

“It didn’t excite me to be perfectly honest,” he told AMC. “There really wasn’t any money in it and it was bit a different – and we specialised at Graf-E in doing jobs that were a bit different with no money!

“At the time I thought this movie was going to make three and nine-pence. I got offered a percentage and was way too smart to fall for that.”

Or so he thought.

“I’d be a multi-millionaire now [if I’d taken the percentage], but that’s life. But I had some fun, met lots of good people and have some good memories to look back on. Some good memories for my children to look back on too, as I used to take the cars home, both the black car and the [yellow] Main Force Patrol cars. I remember taking my three daughters to netball in them!”

Check out Issue 55 (May June 2011) of Australian Muscle Car for more on the original car’s origins, build, where it ended up and what it was like to drive. The latter according to stuntman Phil Brock.

AMC also unearths a Monaro GTS awoken after a 30-year hibernation in a Melbourne backyard garage overgrown with grass; outlines the incredible racing career of Frank Matich; has the latest Touring Car Masters news; reports from the Phillip Island Classic; and shows unpublished pics from the 1971 Hardie Ferodo 500.

On sale now.

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