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AMC is betting that very few Aussie muscle car tragics knew that Allan Moffat and Harry Firth were once teammates.

Yep, the supposed bitter rivals once joined forces in America – in a Ford – to take on the big guns of the Trans-American Sedan Championship on their home ground.

The May/June edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine details what happened when Moffat and Firth raced together stateside. The latest edition of AMC also highlights what Moffat learnt in his 20-odd Trans-Am appearances that he took back to Australia in forging his professional career.

The two weren’t the only Aussies to star in the famed US series. There’s also the most capped of these Trans-Am competitors, a driver who hails from Cooma and who won a round of the 1968 series for the fabled Shelby Mustang team. AMC has tracked down the former lad from Cooma NSW, who’s a Trans-Am legend in his adopted country but virtually unknown in Oz. To find out who he is, check-out edition #61.

We also look at the swag of original Camaros, Javelins and Mustangs running in the USA’s Historic Trans-Am Series (pictured). And they could be headed downunder sooner than you think.

We also bring news of how the Australian Trans-Am Championship organisers are going all out for bigger and better things in 2012.

Beyond our big focus on Trans-Am, there’s plenty of news from Paul Gover, who reports on the securing of Holden’s immediate manufacturing future. He examines Ford’s four-pot Falcons, exports and engineering recruitment drive and provides an intriguing insight into Nissan’s rationale for returning to motorsport in Australia’s toughest arena, V8 Supercars.

Meantime, Muscle Maniac James Cockington delves into his pop culture treasure trove and looks at the audacious plan to produce a luxury sports car, with Leyland P76 V8 power – the Ilinga.

David Cook examines the nostalgia drags scene, while Bruce Moxon reports on the cars and characters at Australia’s biggest historic racing event, on Phillip Island.

We’ve also bloody-well found the bloody Volvo from Bathurst 1979. You bloody beauty. Uno, the little Fiat that raced in ’86? U do? We’ve found that too.

All that and a whole lot more in the latest edition of AMC.

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