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We love a good mystery here at Australian Muscle Car magazine and a major milestone birthday too! That’s why the latest issue examines the Mount Panorama circuit’s origins, back in the 1930s.

AMC celebrates the legendary track’s 75th birthday by investigating whether Bathurst’s mayor really did fool the government into funding a ‘tourist drive’ when, all along, he had motor racing in his sights? We’ve long wondered if the delicious tale of how the famous circuit’s construction was funded was just that – a fairytale that has perpetuated over time and taken on a life of its own. AMC has dug deep for evidence to determine if ‘The Great Ruse’ is fact or fiction. We’ve found some great stuff, including previously unseen Bathurst City Council documents, which answer the key questions about Bathurst’s biggest scam.

Issue #66 also nominates Mount Panorama’s top five muscle car stoushes – the car-to-car combat that has entered legend.

The latest edition also features the 1988 HSV VL Commodore SS Group A.

With its painfully-long name it’s little wonder this silver machine had so many nicknames. Whether you know it as the Batmobile, the Plastic Pig, the Walkinshaw Commodore or simply the Walky, those involved in its creation remember its equally painful gestation 25 years ago. And recall Bathurst 1988 and the debut win that went begging. Wait until you read Larry Perkins’ recollections…

On the Ford side of the ledger, we present the virtually unknown Falcon SS. Don’t let your mates at the pub tell you there was no such thing. The SS badge, so strongly connected with Holden, also adorned a small number of factory-assisted Ford Falcons in an often-overlooked battle against the old enemy. That early 1990s period of production car racing has largely been forgotten – except by the Ford employees who flew the blue oval flag on weekends.

Another story to interest the Blue Oval Brigade is the tale of the only automatic XW GT in the 1969 Hardie-Ferodo 500. Fortunately this unique GT has survived and still hits the racetrack occasionally.

Speaking of pub-related matters, AMC #66 profiles Johnnie Walker – the driver who turned his back on the Holden Dealer Team. To borrow a phrase from his namesake, he just kept walking.

We look at the latest new car release, no less a model than the Holden flagship, the VF. Paul Gover fills us in on the latest developments about the Australian car industry’s future, the new in-house FPV GT and more.

We’ve even started a new section, Punters Pics, where you’re invited to send in your shots from days gone by.

All that and a whole lot more in issue 66 – clickety-click – of Australian Muscle Car.

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