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The July/August edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine rewinds to the early 1980s and to the first foreign assault on local touring car racing’s pro ranks.

This was by the menacing black JPS Team BMW 635 CSi – the first German ‘tourenwagen’ to hit Aussie shores.

At the beachhead of BMW’s attack were some of the sport’s biggest names: Frank Gardner, Allan Grice and Jim Richards. BMW’s April 1981 arrival started a new era of diversity on track and, arguably, a shift at the top-end of the new car market.

V8 Supercar racing has undergone a massive change in 2013 and right among it are three Mercedes-Benz AMG E63s built and funded privately by Erebus Motorsport V8. But for all of the exposure, hype and attention of the project, these mighty Mercs are far from the first outright German machines in local tin-top racing. They do, however, serve as a reminder of the first to arrive just over three decades ago and, unlike the Erebus program, with full factory backing.

It was one of ‘Benz’s long-time rivals – BMW – that led the way for the invasion of overseas products competing in Australian touring car racing.

The 635s were sweet cars. The overall project was the ultimate story of persistence and continued application reaching an eventual outcome – and waiting for the rules to swing the way of the black and gold beauties…

The remarkable story is told in-depth in the pages of the latest edition of AMC.

The July/August edition also salutes the last of the classic Falcon GTs – the XB – upon the model’s 40th birthday. AMC lists 40 reasons the 1973-release XB GT holds a special place in Blue Oval history.

Edition #68 also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Holden EH S4, the General’s first Bathurst homologation special.

Still on matters EH S4, we’ve tracked down Holden’s first Bathurst hero – Fred Morgan. Morgan finished second in the 1963 Bathurst classic and, within 12 months, completely disappeared from the scene. AMC met the Octogenarian at his Sydney home recently to hear his remarkable, and previously untold, story.

AMC also revisits the 1978 Hardie-Ferodo 1000, to capture all the colour of the ‘two-door’ era of Australia’s Great Race.

For Mopar fans, we tell the life story of one of the few surviving Chrysler Chargers that raced in the Bathurst classic.

We also investigate what’s driving the influx of classic American muscle cars to Australia.

All that and a whole lot more in the current edition of AMC.

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