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The November/December edition of Australian Muscle Car puts the spotlight on the Pontiac GTO’s unveiling in late 1963. This was the moment, 50 years ago, when the muscle car era began in earnest in the USA. So what’s this got to do with Australian muscle cars, we hear you ask?

Well, the GTO’s reveal also triggered the start of the muscle car era in Australia. As renowned Monaro historian Ben Stewart outlines, it set the ball rolling in Australia on our own uniquely-flavoured automotive arms race.

In a classic tale of ‘which came first – the chicken or the egg’, AMC #71 outlines the amazing sequence of events that resulted in Ford Australia beating GM-H to the punch in releasing a locally-produced image-type product that began the era that’s the impetus for this magazine.

Revealed over our 14-page cover story is the complete story of the lead-up to the creation of the very first Aussie muscle cars, the XR Falcon GT and Monaro GTS 327. It’s a story that begins with the birth of the original muscle car in the United States and extends to the moment Joe Public could lay rubber in his very own Aussie version of an image car. It’s a warts-and-all look into the events that make up an incredible tale of grit and determination in an amazing race.

But that’s not all! Last issue we featured a chassis that twice won the Bathurst 1000, Peter Brock’s 1982 and ’83 Great Race winner. So this issue Aaron Noonan takes a look at the only other car with the same claim-to-fame, the car affectionately known as The Golden Child.

AMC now features a regular double-sided poster and this edition we salute Dick Johnson’s Greens-Tuf XE Falcon and showcase the Bathurst Grid Spectacular from the Muscle Car Masters.

Speaking of the Masters, there are 11 pages of coverage from everyone’s favourite weekend of muscle car indulgence. Our snappers caught the Bathurst Grid Spectacular from every angle.

Our popular Muscle Man section profiles a member of Aussie motor racing’s elite, Vern Schuppan. Schuppan is a Le Mans winner who is also the most successful Aussie in Indy 500 history. He’s also driven for the three biggest names at Bathurst: Moffat, Johnson and Brock.

AMC #71 also has a yarn on the TMR 380. It’s the last performance car to emerge from South Australia’s Tonsley Park production facility – with a little help from Dandenong.

Elsewhere we look back at the Holden Precision Driving Team’s earliest days when it used Monaros and profile the Algie brothers of Drag Racing fame.

All that and a whole lot more in AMC.

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