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The latest edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine puts the spotlight on Holden’s LH Torana SL/R 5000 and its trick L34 variant, which turn 40 in 2014.

This is the first major muscle car milestone to be reached since Holden’s sobering announcement last December that local production will cease. With extra incentive now to celebrate Aussie classics, AMC #72 presents 40 reasons to love the SL/R 5000 and L34.

Of course, the reason the L34 existed at all was to win Bathurst and other major touring car races. So it’s appropriate that this issue gets the ball rolling on pinpointing the racing history of an ex-Holden Dealer Team Torana SL/R 5000 L34 that recently popped up. It’s the race liveried car on the cover.

This is an L34 that was delivered to the legendary Harry Firth in 1974, but its role with the famous team is otherwise unclear. Well, at the moment, at least. AMC is helping the current owner to discovery its true identity.

Beyond our cover story, AMC checks out the stunning new home of the Harris collection of Fords, now known as Garage 88, to learn more about the history of its predominantly Group C and V8 Supercar-era Fords. This includes two of Dick Johnson’s old XC Falcon hardtops that raced at Bathurst in the late 1970s.

For Chrysler fans we examine the racing career of the VF and VG Pacer models. The Pacer can’t claim a long list of outright race victories, but two years of Series Production racing showed how good a hot six cylinder-powered Aussie four-door sedan could be. We recall some of the key memories. We also ask Chrysler’s stylists about the unseen shots we published for the first time last edition.
AMC issue #72 also includes four new sections. From this issue we look back at the racetracks which hosted some of the greatest muscle car stoushes – and check out what remains. We start with the most recently departed, Oran Park.
Another new section, this time by Channel Seven commentator and chassis historian Aaron Noonan, is the V8 Sleuth. He kicks things off with the story of the Brock VK Commodore that still lives in Japan.
Then there’s R-Rated. It’s a new section for mature, open-minded readers only. It contains strong thought-provoking content and debunks myths. Sorry no nudity. It’s written this edition by Ben Stewart, who delves into why Holden killed off the HG Monaro GTS 350 early.

AMC also now features a regular double-sided poster. This time we salute Kevin Bartlett’s Channel Nine Camaro and one of the race it won, Oran Park’s 1982 ATCC round.

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