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Cars in plain wrappers that go like the clappers!

We don’t expect the latest edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine to appeal to hairy-chested show-offs. Our Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing focus is for those who like their cars fast but not necessarily flashy.

AMC #74 nominates five plan-Jane performance cars that were more ‘go’ than ‘show! These are Aussie-built cars from the last five decades that were faster than their looks suggested. They blended into everyday traffic but went like stink.

It’s the automotive equivalent of Hollywood’s – or the San Bernandino Valley’s! – stereotypical plain-Jane with glasses perched on her nose and hair in a bun. But when she lets her hair down, look out!

So what makes a wolf in AMC’s eyes?

We set some basic criteria. Firstly, our wolves in wool had to be: built in Australia, factory-spec, able to be purchased by a member of the public and have been built in sufficient numbers that they were widely available in their day. Above all else, they needed to be faster than their looks suggested.

So no special order cars for company insiders or those ‘in the know’ – and no one-offs (or even three-offs). In simplest terms, we’re showcasing some ordinary-looking cars that could post surprisingly quick 0-100km/h times. Our inconspicuous performers didn’t necessarily need to have Falcon GT-like performance – although the faster the better, obviously – to qualify they just needed to be quicker than they look. Handling and braking performance were not important.

You’ll have to buy the mag to find out which models we’ve chosen! Okay, we’ll tell you one – the 351-powered XY Falcon ‘K-Code’.

Beyond our wolves in wool we put the spotlight on the famed Tru-Blu XD Falcon which won the Bathurst 1000 in 1981. Tru-Blu is now itself true-blue – as in back in the exact livery it wore when it completed Dick Johnson’s fairytale. Getting it right was no simple task, as we outline.

Tru-Blu features on AMC’s regular double-sided poster. The other side salutes Greg Murphy’s Lap of the Gods Commodore. The 2003 Bathurst winning Kmart Commodore is part of our continuing series on the cars that have won the Bathurst classic. This issue we focus on five Commodores from the Kmart/HRT/Walkinshaw family that conquered the Mountain.

Countless tributes have been written about the late Harry Firth since his death in late April. AMC thought a list of Harry’s key achievements and experiences was a fitting way to mark his passing. Did you know ‘H’ was despatch rider in the 2nd AIF in WWII?

Meanwhile, our regular series on racetracks which hosted some of the greatest muscle car stoushes focuses this issue on what remains of Catalina Park.

Elsewhere we debunk some XR GT myths, track the whereabouts of Glenn Seton Racing’s earliest Falcons and revisit Fraser Park speedway, Canberra – the most fun you could have with your pants on.

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