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AMC81_Max1No fewer than nine Ford Falcon hardtops were acquired by Mad Max Fury Road’s movie makers in the 10 years it took to bring MM4 to life!

That’s just one of the many factoids revealed in the latest edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine, on sale now.

AMC #81 features an interview with the genius behind Fury Road’s big fleet of vehicles, which include Aussie classics set for new-found international fame. We ponder if values of the big three will skyrocket in the wake of the new film’s stunning success.

“I’ve always loved a good Valiant,” production designer Colin Gibson explained to AMC via a phone interview while on location for his latest film in Qingdao, China.

“One of the Australian Chargers is mounted on top of tank tracks with a Merlin water-cooled V8 driving it. Then there’s another Val that is a flame car that has been beaten back to bare metal.”

Will Fury Road create overseas demand for Aussie-built Chargers and the many old Holdens in MM4 in a similar fashion to the international fame that two-door XB Falcons achieved after the first two Mad Max movies? Only time will tell.
AMC81_Max3What we do know is that the creativity in dreaming up eye-catching machinery for MM4 is only matched by the ingenuity involved in actually making them work… and able to endure the rigours of filming. It’s here where sophisticated automotive engineering meets good old bush mechanics.

Gibson explains why and how the Falcon coupe-based star car was brought back to life. He also outlines that another of the car ‘characters’ could well turn out to be “the Interceptor of this film.”

Issue #81 also tells the original Interceptor’s life story. By popular demand AMC presents an updated version of our acclaimed 2011 story tracking the birth and life of Australia’s most famous hardtop. We reveal where that Falcon is today. It’s had a change of home – and continent – since our 2011 story.

Then there are our posters. One side features the Interceptor of Mad Max 1 & 2, while the other has the Cars of Mad Max 4.

Continuing our movie car theme, our latest issue celebrates George Barris’s trip to Australia for MotorEx 2015. AMC takes a look at some of his most memorable TV and movie creations, including the Batmobile.

TP1_6096Meantime, we’ve tracked down a Torana A9X prototype. Treasures from Australia’s manufacturing past live on today – if you know where to look – and this is a good example. It’s a Torana that played a dual role at Fishermans Bend (and Lang Lang) ahead of the legendary A9X’s road and race debut.

AMC #81 also reveals the sneaky secrets of the 1985 Bathurst-winning Jaguars. It’s 30 years since a trio of howling V12 Jaguar ‘Cats’ attacked Mount Panorama. Two fell over, one was left standing and it’s still going strong today. But it also hides secrets TWR probably doesn’t want you to know.

While it’s 30 years since Jaguar won Bathurst, it’s 50 years since Barry Seton won the big event. Last edition we featured son, Glenn in our regular Muscle Man profile. This edition we put the spotlight on his dad, Bo, who recalls his greatest racing triumphs, trials and tribulations.

Other stories include revisiting Sydney’s Warwick Farm circuit, reports from the Falcon GT Nationals and Longford Revival, and a hunt for the last car raced by Holden’s first Bathurst winner. We also track down an Isuzu ‘HQ’ Statesman in Japan. No, really.

All that and whole lot more in the latest edition.

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