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When current V8 Supercar driver David Wall was a young boy he loved ‘helping’ his father prepare the old man’s wild V8 Torana Sports Sedan.

So when dad DeCLCcreative-270_Edits passed away in 2012, David and the Wall Racing crew in Sydney vowed to complete the restoration of that very car back to its racing heyday, when it wore the colours of Australia’s most famous racing team.

For David, this Torana is both part of the family and a part of his childhood. He literally grew up with this car.

“When we did the restoration,” he says, “for me it was a labour of love. As a kid I grew up laying underneath it – not that I knew what I was doing! – just ‘helping’ dad work on it.

“We used to live in Bankstown (Sydney) and we had a little single car garage, and dad would do all the work on the car himself in there. Whenever he was working on it, I used to lay underneath it with him. Mum used to come down with the customary cup of tea, and she’d open the garage door and out from under the car would come two big legs and two little legs! Whatever dad was doing, I was trying to do the same.

“One day when dad took the car out for private practice, I’d hidden some spanners and sockets in the car, from when I’d been ‘helping’ work on it. After a lap or two he was back in the pits to remove the tools that were flying around inside the car…”

Des stopped76030- racing the LH in the late 1980s. But he did not sell it. Instead, he simply ‘retired’ it.

This car is also very special to those outside the Wall family and its racing team. It’s a factory Holden racing machine with a F5000 engine. It was the fastest car run by the iconic Holden Dealer Team.

It’s a built-from-the-ground-up HDT Torana Sports Sedan powered by a mid-mounted Repco-Holden Formula 5000 5.0-litre V8, with suspension developed by one of the country’s leading open-wheeler engineers, and clothed in wild flared-guard bodywork designed by none other than Holden’s in-house stylist himself, Leo Pruneau. It was driven by Holden’s number one factory driver, Colin Bond, who at the time it first hit the track in 1976 was the reigning Australian Touring Car Champion. It was also driven on one occasion by the late Peter Brock.

“It looked a million dollars when it was finished!” Colin Bond chuckles as he recalls the HDT LH Torana SL/R 5000 Sports Sedan’s public unveiling in mid-1976.

And it looks a milliBond_HDTSS-0004on bucks today, almost 40 years on, thanks to the hard work of Wall Racing. The story of this hugely significant car is told in detail in the latest edition of Australian Muscle Car magazine. The story outlines the car’s life story, the Wall family’s time running it and its restoration. David Wall also opens the doors to Wall Racing’s workshop to show AMC readers what else the team races in 2015.

Meantime, it’s hard to believe that Glenn Seton is 50 this year. In fact, he reaches the milestone while this edition sits on newsstands. It’s an appropriate time to reflect on his ultra-successful career and its many dramatic moments.

Racing legend Fred Gibson recalls a classic commercial, while new AMC columnist Paul Gover outlines his awkward teen years growing up as a car-mad youngster in Campbelltown.

As to our regular posters, one side features a 1969 Ford XW Falcon GT, the other a Holden LC Torana GTR XU-1. We’ve also nailed down exactly which car graced the Bathurst 1000 grid more than any other.

Issue #81 of AMC also features an introductory guide to the 25 most desirable – in our opinion, at least – classic American muscle cars.

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