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If you love Ford Mustangs you’ll love the latest issue of Australian Muscle Car magazine.

AMC #85 celebrates the 2016 Mustang’s local arrival by highlighting the first Ford Australia-delivered Mustangs – the little known cars converted to RHD at Ford’s Homebush (Sydney) factory 50 years ago.

Mustang has a long history in Australia, dating back to an in ingenious marketing ploy back in 1965 and 1966 that was more about Falcon than that first ponycar. The plan was simple: place one new Mustang into every Ford showroom in Australia. Use the car that had taken America by storm to sprinkle its magic on the upcoming, 1966 release, XR model Falcon.

Easy in theory; a nightmare in reality.

AMC85_CobraThe scheme was one of those occasions when a car company’s marketers forged on with a project that left the engineers cursing their interdepartmental colleagues. Converting those image-building machines to right-hand drive once they landed from the States would prove far more difficult than anyone within Ford believed.

Yet, they did it. Not quite in the numbers originally hoped for, but in sufficient quantity to achieve the objective.

It stands as a landmark event – albeit little known – in local muscle car history. Those Ford Australia delivered cars are known today as the ‘Homebush Mustangs’, as they were converted at Ford’s Sydney facility, which lay just a stone’s throw from the future site of the 2000 Olympics.

AMC has the full story on these Homebush cars.

Our Mustangs in Oz issue also features the 2002 Tickford Cobras converted to RHD in Melbourne and sold through Ford dealers nationally.

Tickford Mustangs are now being appreciated more widely.

So you want to buy an old Mustang? Import or buy locally? Convert or leave as a left-hooker? These, and other curly questions, are fielded by an enthusiast who’s ‘been there and done that’.

Elsewhere in issue #81985-835 we name the top 25 competition Mustangs with Aussie connections; some more successful than others, but all notable contenders.  A good example is Dick Johnson’s green Group A cars of the mid 1980s.

Our Mustang content is topped by our posters! From the Bowden’s Own collection is Pete Geoghegan’s 1965 mount. It’s back-to-back with the 1966 Homebush-converted 4-speed.

Beyond Mustangs we profile Tasmanian Garth Wigston, who made his mark in touring cars and paved the way for other Tassie wheelmen like Bowe, Parsons and Ambrose.

Year four of this fun event saw the South Aussie fundraisers head into Mad Max territory. AMC was lucky enough to tag along.

Then there’s the ultimate barnfind: we confirm that the Group A VK roosting in a Victorian farmer’s chicken shed really is Brocky’s 1985 Bathurst entry.

Finally, we detail the extraordinary career of quite simply the most succcessful Sports Sedan of all time.

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