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Issue #86 of Australian Muscle Car magazine rewinds 40 years to when Allan Moffat shocked local motor racing fans by importing an exotic Chev racecar. Moffat used this hi-tech DeKon-built Chev Monza and his equally outrageous Cologne Capri to secure the first Australian Sports Sedan Championship, of 1976.

This was a turbulent period for Moffat, as running the GM machine shocked Blue Oval devotees and helped jolt Ford Australia into backing its former factory team spearhead. When the Monza was parked, the Capri was again pressed into action to seal the deal.

The Capri RS3100 was the product of a heated arms race in the early 1970s in Europe between Ford and BMW, while the Monza was developed on the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States. Moffat called on his many contacts in the international racing community to secure these cars for the Aussie scene.

AMC spoke to76-AM-Geoghegan-Moffat--001 Allan about both cars and his recollections make for fascinating reading. He opens up on how he came to secure the rare Cologne Capri.

“I was fortunate enough to do a lot of racing in Macau. Every year the Ford dealer of Hong Kong hired me and I raced a variety of cars at Macau for him,” Moffat explains. “They had no trouble with money in Hong Kong! This fellow, Bob Harper, had been there all of his life – and his father before him had sold the first Model T in China, in the 1920s – and you could say he was the link [to the Capri].

“Bob Harper had the resources to bring anyone in the world – the Ford world – out to Macau for the touring car races. So he brought the Germans out [in November 1973 with the RS2600 Capri ] and I did a good job for them [Moffat won] and got to know those guys [from Germany]…”

Beyond our cover stories, AMC #86 also spotlights the White Hot Special Holden. Much mystery surrounds Holden’s first option-package special – largely because survivors are thin on the ground – which played an important role beyond boosting sales of V8 models generally.

750608_WN-0705The other Holden feature car in issue #86 is the Max Wright Torana. The L34 Torana was the weapon of choice for all the big Holden names in the mid-1970s, and plenty of privateers too. AMC profiles a unique car whose story has just been waiting to be told.

Barry Ferguson is a rarity among 1960s and ’70s motorsport legends: a white-collar employee who lived a double life contesting Australia’s most challenging events.

Meantime, in another personality profile, we present one of the unsung heroes of the local automotive industry. If you reckon there’s no point re-inventing the wheel you should meet Kevin Drage –creator of the most famous alloy wheels adorning factory muscle cars.

Starting with this issue we pay homage to the great survivors. First up: Lakeside’s Lazarus act.

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