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Celebrating 100 issues of AMC 1AMC has cracked the ton! Our milestone 100th issue names the top six most significant and desirable modern muscle cars. It’s a tribute to issue #1’s cover story naming six classic Aussie muscle cars under $20K. Issue #100 also features genuine exclusives with reclusive racing great Norm Beechey and Al Turner.

The cover story of the very first issue of  Australian Muscle Car in 2001 named the six ‘Conrod Classics’ you could own for less than $20K. The machinery this modest budget bought you back then now brings a tear to the eye. How about an HK Monaro GTS 327, Falcon XB GT Hardtop, Torana SL/R 5000 L34 or VC Brock HDT Commodore for what was – and still is – new small-car money?

We wish we’d taken our own advice, given the Muscle Car boom that happened in the ensuing five years and the continuing value growth these Australian performance icons have enjoyed. Monaro GTS327s valued at about $18,000 in 2001 now sell for over $200,000. That’s growth of over 1000 percent in just 16 years. Our new issue includes the values of all six classics today.

However, it’s the job of issue #100 to heed the lessons learned and to put some (relatively) affordable Aussie muscle in the garage as well as on the cover. Three of our cars come from the HSV stable, the other three where the FPV badge. The latest issue also nominates a second six under $20K, to neatly tie into our first issue cover story and uncover the real-world machines to balance out the muscle-car superstars – each of these provides the path to a flexing of your love of Aussie muscle, on a realistic budget.

Elsewhere in issue #100, we’ve asked founding editor Mark Oastler to reflect on his nine years as editor of AMC. And founding publisher Ray Berghouse recalls MarkO’s pitch for a new mag. We also look back at other major features in the first issue of AMC to see how things have panned out for that edition’s cars and stars.

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But it’s this month’s Muscle Man profile that’s a genuine exclusive. It’s 45 years since Norm Beechey took an axe and guillotined his racing helmet, an act that signified the end of his racing career and the start of his life as a racing recluse. In an exclusive befitting this landmark issue, Beechey has granted AMC the most comprehensive and insightful interview ever.

Meantime, no individual contributed more to Australia’s heritage of homegrown high performance than Al Turner. Therefore, there was no more appropriate person to track down and interview for issue #100 than the father of the Falcon GT-HO.

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Long-time AMC readers – and those looking to pick up back issues – will love our Issue Guide. It’s a listing of every major story featured in this magazine since its inception and includes a shot of every cover from #1 to #100, too.

All that and a whole lot more in the centurian edition of your favourite magazine. On sale now.

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