Post-split and Polarizer-packed – the last Peter Brock HDT Commodores

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Post-split and Polarizer-packed…. this issue of Australian MUSCLE CAR magazine tells the story of the forgotten Brock HDT Commodores – the Holdens which Brock built and sold against Holden’s wishes in 1987 and beyond, after Holden had taken the shock decision in early ‘87 to cast its favourite son adrift.

There weren’t many of them, the separation from Holden ultimately proving too much of a cross to bear for Brock’s HDT Special Vehicles, but among these cars were some rare gems. These were Brock Commodore models unconstrained by the need for standardisation dictated by racing homologation requirements, and unrestrained by the dictates of Holden itself – it was not an easy time for Peter Brock, but in the post-split era he was at least free to make his cars exactly as he wanted them to be.

Fast forwarding to the end of the following decade, we look back on one of the most significant moments in the history of the local car industry – Holden’s decision to develop the VE Commodore as a wholly home-grown exercise in the late ‘90s.

In motorsport, AMC mourns the loss of two giants of the sport, commentator and race promoter extraordinaire Mike Raymond, and the master engine builder/race car preparer and driver/rider mentor Peter Molloy.