Allan Grice and Bob Morris together at Bathurst in a Holden Commodore in 1980

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Allan Grice and Bob Morris together at Bathurst in a Holden Commodore in 1980 – that was the plan for this Group C touring car ‘superteam’. But the superteam fell apart half way through the year, with Bob Morris switching to Ford and Grice racing the Commodore at Bathurst – before he made a switch of his own, to BMW. Now, 40 years after it debuted alongside Peter Brock’s HDT Commodore at Symmons Plains – the world racing debut for the Holden Commodore – the Grice/Morris machine has resurfaced after a long spell in the wilderness, now returned to 1980 Bathurst 1000 trim. Read the full and exclusive story of this historic racing Holden in the latest issue of Australian MUSCLE CAR magazine.

AMC this issue also celebrates the history of Holden, in the wake of General Motors’ momentous decision to ‘retire’ the brand. AMC looks back at this once all-pervasive Aussie car maker that was known from the beginning as ‘Australia’s Own car’, and the forces that brought it to its knees – and how it was done no favours by parent company GM.

With Holden soon to be no more, AMC ponders the future for the Supercars racing series. What seems clear from the thoughts of the major stakeholders is that the likely direction will be a Chev Camaro Supercar to take on the existing Mustangs – in an echo of the late ‘60s/early ‘70s era of Bob Jane’s Camaro vs Allan Moffat’s Boss Mustang, if not quite the same.

Also in this issue, Dick Johnson returns to the track to shakedown son Steven Johnson’s new TCM contender – a ‘true’ blue Falcon XD race machine that pays tribute to the 1980 Dick Johnson Group C XD, the car that hit the rock and inadvertently kick started Johnson’s career as a professional racing driver 40 years ago.