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Wolves in wool

Cars in plain wrappers that go like the clappers! We don’t expect the latest edition of Australian Muscle Car to appeal to hairy-chested show-offs. Our Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing focus is for those who like their cars fast but not necessarily flashy AMC #74 nominates five plan-Jane performance cars that were more ‘go’ than ‘show! These are Aussie-built cars from the last five decades that were faster than their looks suggested. They blended into everyday traffic but went like stink.

Allan Moffat and Bob Jane 1971

Allan Moffat and Bob Jane Lead Them Away

Allan Moffat and Bob Jane lead them away in the final round of the 1971 Australian Touring Car Championship before a capacity crowd at Oran Park.  more>

Winner: Adouble-pass to the V8 Supercars Amorall Gold Coast 600

And the winner is ....  more>

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