Australian Muscle Car-Magazine issue 89
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Muscle News
Falcon Place, Capri Court and, erm, Fair Lane could all become part of a new landscape at Broadmeadows and a farewell party is planned in October for the famous factory. We also report on Ford’s retro-flavoured Le Mans attack.

Muscle Maniac
A GT-HO Phase III that headed to the Dark Continent when brand new is now back in its homeland; a song about the XU-1; and a Monaro GTS 186S attracts big dollars at auction.

Muscle Mail
Readers got a bit stroppy with AMC about the Bathurst privateers that got left off our Top 25 list last issue. Great to see such passion for the humble privateer. Lots of other feedback on our recent stories.

Racing legend Fred Gibson discusses a prickly issue in Historic racing – authenticity. Meanwhile, Paul Gover recalls the Camira trashing exploits of his press colleagues. We also welcome guest columnist Ray Berghouse.

Brock’s VH Group 3 HO
The king of Brocks? We begin our series of ‘untold stories’ with a virtually unknown Brock Commodore that’s lived in the shadow of more famous HDT Special Vehicles. But shouldn’t.

Brock’s 1975 Torana
Whatever happened to Peter Brock’s 1975 Bathurst-winning Torana L34? AMC has tracked down the very man behind the wheel when this famous car was destroyed. He tells his story for the first time.

Top 25 Brock pics
25 shots of Peter Brock that you’ve probably never seen before. So go fill up the urn, grab a cuppa and check out shots of his Ford T-bird NASCAR, bucks night and Dicky Johnson kneeing the King in his crown jewels.

We have revamped our back issue service so it’s now even easy purchase them online, checkout our poster for the Brock issues still available. The flipside is a more traditional poster.

Muscle Man
The master’s first apprentice, David Parsons, was truly ahead of his time. The Tasmanian’s career story is remarkable for the challenges he faced, including learning his trade when the greats were at their peak.

Brock’s at Spa ’77
Brock’s best overseas performance is well known to many long-time racing enthusiasts in the Old Dart, but largely unknown in his homeland. It’s the story of the dashing Aussie race driver who partnered a prickly, overweight Pommie.

R/T Charger auto
A chance discovery in a Welsh wreckers’ yard revealed not only the rarest of all Australian muscle cars, a one-off Charger R/T auto, but also led to a rescue mission and, ultimately, to an ambitious restoration.

Historic Sports Sedans
Despite a growing interest in Sports Sedan racing’s glory days, the Historic Group U category has been struggling to gain traction. Just a handful of cars have been log-booked. AMC investigates.

Life of Brian’s XE
Brian Callaghan was the first to put an XE Falcon touring car onto a racetrack, a car that started and finished three Bathurst 1000s. That same one-owner Ford is about to return to the track for the first time in decades.

Muscle Car Run
AMC magazine has been a regular attendee of the original Aussie Muscle Car Run, in South Australia. Here we hitch a ride on the inaugural Victorian event.

Sacred Sites
This is the story of how the reincarnated 4.45km Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit came into being.

Out of Action
Overlooked, overcooked and ‘over-chooked’ surviving classics from our motoring past – sniffed out by AMC readers.

The day they raced Oran Park in the opposite direction.

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