Issue 106

Issue 106

Muscle News
Why the Mustang Supercar looks like it does, and why it won’t be joined on track by the Camaro.

Muscle Sport
The launch of two exciting new – and very different – racing categories: TCR and S5000.

Muscle Maniac
The annual Brocktober gathering, and the tale of Ron Dickson’s ‘racecam’ in the ‘73 Great Race.

History repeats
Brand new Camaros converted to right-hand drive and sold in Australia by Holden dealers is nothing new – they were doing it 50 years ago when the original series Camaro came out.

Top 10 Camaros
The top 10 Camaros to have graced Australian race tracks over the years.

Bob Jane Camaro
There is no more revered Camaro in Australia than Jane’s 427ci ZL1 Improved Tourer.

Muscle Man – Brian Sampson
The long career of ‘Sambo’ took in a lot more than simply that ‘75 Bathurst win with Brock.

Super Cooper
Brad Jones’ Commodore VL AUSCAR resurfaced and restored.

Richo’s first tourer
The story of Jim Richards’ XB Falcon Group C – and the various other stars who raced it.

My Muscle Car
AMC readers show us their muscle cars.

Giving it a Red hot go
Part two of our Holden six-cylinder motorsport history – the ‘Red’ six.

Punters pics
AMC readers’ pics of the dramatic final day of the ‘68 London-Sydney