Issue 115

Issue 115

Muscle News

GM’s Oz future could be with the Walkinshaw Group, as Tickford gets together with Roush

Muscle Sport

TCM’s crashfest Adelaide season opener and the Albert Park weekend that wasn’t

Muscle Maniac

The Sophia Loren of Ford Falcon, and the McLeod and sons retro TCM Commodore

Craven Wild

It was one of the very fi rst Group C Commodores to race, and now after a long time in the wilderness it’s back, beautifully restored and back on track, 40 years after its race debut


With Holden about to disappear, what’s the future for Supercars? Mark Mathot investigates


With GM having decided to ‘retire’ the Holden name, we refl ect on the marque’s long history
– and examine the role of GM in the loss of an Aussie icon

R Spec

Ford’s Mustang wasn’t born here but the Herrod Performance Mustang R-Spec is made here – in the old Ford plant in Campbellfi eld, where once they built Falcons

Muscle Man: Bob Watson

Bob Watson was a rally champ who delivered Holden its fi rst endurance race win. The versatile Victorian was also an engineer - and helped develop the Monaro GTS 327

Tru Blu

The long-awaited ‘Tru-Blu’ Falcon XD which Steven Johnson will race in this year’s TCM series

Brock VK

It didn’t win many races, and yet this Brock/HDT Group A Commodore is one very special Holden

ACR Stryker

The new Aussie designed-and-made Cobra inspired roadster, with Falcon FG running gear