Issue 119

Issue 119

Muscle News

Lang Lang gets sold, McLaughlin gets a third Supercars title

Muscle Maniac

Dick’s brushes with the law, and how to get a drive at Bathurst without really trying

Holden’s fi nest hour

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Holden’s sweetest win of all at Bathurst

Torana GTR-X

Half a century after the futuristic couple was canned by Holden beancounters, the GTR-X’s interior stylist Paul Beranger refl ects on the job of a lifetime

Keys to the Stang

When Allan Moffat needed a capable race ace to sub in his Boss Mustang while Moffat himself took to the track in the Super Falcon, Kevin Bartlett was the obvious man for the job

Muscle Man: Bob Stevens

The Sports Sedan ace who raced star cars like the ex-Jane Mustang and Geoghegan Monaro, as well as preparing and driving a host of Bathurst muscle, including Ron Dickson’s Camaros

Niel Allen

With the new S5000 openwheeler category soon to race at Bathurst, AMC looks back half a century to the last time the Mountain echoed to the sound of 5.0-litre V8 openwheelers

1970 Ampol Trial

When Ford and Holden got down and dirty in the outback 50 years ago