Issue 129

Issue 129

HSV Fighter

The story of one man’s motor racing tribute to his grandfather’s war service

Skyline sunset

Nissan was in on the special vehicles act around the same time as Holden was forming HSV - it didn’t work but it resulted in a hot Skyline which today is an Aussie six-pack classic

Trans Am

It’s Trans Am, Jim, but not we we knew it - AMC looks under the bonnet of Tim Brook’s Trans Am Mustang to see what makes Trans Am TA2 tick

Muscle Man: Andrew Miedecke

Part one of our feature on the driver they affectionately dubbed Mad Andy

Phillip Island Classic

Classic historic touring car action on the Island, including the return of Larry Perkins

Full Circle

The story of Jim Richards’ AUSCAR Falcon XF that’s gone full circle - or should that be oval?


Beefies - the first McDonalds-style fast food hamburger joint in Sydney and how it became the focal point for Sydney’s illegal street racing scene in the 1960s and early ‘70s