Issue 67

Issue 67

Muscle News
HSV sees a future with extra grunt and it starts with the letter F, while Ford’s hanging out for 2014, reports Paul Gover. Meantime, motor shows look like having no future at all. On the track, Trans-Am is gathering pace and Bowe’s hitting top gear with ‘Mustang Sally’. She’s no nag.

Muscle Maniac
James Cockington goes manic over the latest auction house results, gets all starry-eyed over Alvin Purple’s Charger, Steve McQueen’s Chevy and two unique Falcons. And he completely flips out over old race programmes and lady NASCAR drivers. James is the ‘Peter Pan’ of AMC’s contributors and continues to ‘Think Big’ when gathering quirky stories.

Muscle Mail
Mr Postman, look and see, if there’s a letter for me... about Walkinshaw Commodores, the fun police, drags in mags, pink power, a shedload of Holden resto’s and the missing XB Falcon that was Dave’s for 21 years. This section is all about the unbridled enthusiasm of readers.

Right said Fred, and Alan and Phil. Saddle-up for what our columnists have to say. How good is it that the Gibson Motorsport stable is back in business? Fred is the ‘Black Caviar’ of team owners.

Holden’s First Dealer Team
This is the story of the team created by David McKay in 1968 on behalf of Holden to get around GM’s worldwide ‘no racing’ rule. The move kick-started the long-running Holden vs Ford duel with three Monaros at Bathurst. If this story was a racehorse it would be called ‘McKay-be-dealer’.

The Return Of #23D
AMC has tracked down one of those HDRT Monaros. Read about the only known survivng HDRT GTS 327 from Bathurst 1968 and how it resurfaced 40 years later. It’s ‘Jeff’s Pride’.

Big Aussie Sixes
Is the Big Aussie Six off to the glue factory? Paul Gover looks at the powerplant that’s satisfied our need for speed, comfort and style for almost a century. From Marina to Torana,
Centura to Charger, he examines the highs and lows with help from
industry experts as pedigreed as ‘Phar Lap’.

The Big O’s GT-HO
David Cook takes a look at the endlessly expanding restoration of a 1969 racing combo that’s taken eight years and over $150,000... so far. It’s a tale of factory horsepower too.

Phillip Island Classic
Wild horses couldn’t stop Bruce Moxon trotting down to The Classic to see Le Mans and Can-Am steads – with engines up to nine litres – shaking the island to its foundations. He also reports on some famous old warhorses.

Punter Pics
“Show us your pics!” is the call from AMC, as we invite readers to send us their favourite shots from days gone by. And to make it worthwhile diggng through your albums, we’re offering great prizes from Mothers. See what we’ve harnessed for this issue.

While V8 Supercars seem to be heading the way of NASCAR, one Aussie race team is sticking to an old chestnut – production car racing – with the support of the Ford Motor Company. We meet the people behind Robinson Racing Developments and see what they have planned for their three-car FPV assault on the AMChamps series.

Muscle Man
Paul Newby says hello to a fellow called Skello and profiles a likeable, jockey-sized Sydney ace who drove for the HDT and various Ford teams at Bathurst.

Vans That Rocked
“If this van is rocking, don’t bother knocking” was a familiar panel-van sticker in the 1970s. We look at Aussie vans and muster-up the specialist magazines they spawned.

Group N
Darren Knight traces the history and on-going popularity of what was once Appendix J, then Group N and is now the 1000-strong, crowd-pulling movement known as Historic Touring Cars. Talk about a ‘Vintage Crop’.

Aaron Noonan ( has some elusive Commodores and Falcons from the mid-1990s to early 2000s in his sights – can you help track them down? Meanwhile, we stumble upon the Callaghan Pavers privateer XE Falcon, which ran at Bathurst from 1982 and was the first Falcon past the post in 1984. We’ve run out of horse puns...