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Muscle News
The latest news on the 2016 Australian Muscle Car Masters. Meanwhile Paul Gover, AMC’s newsman, digs up the latest on the last hurrahs of the Aussiebuilt Falcons and Commodores.

Muscle Maniac
Allan Moffat has fond memories of the sweet-handling Cologne Capri. But one of the ugliest incidents of his long career came while driving the Germanbuilt beast. Meantime, a DeKon Monza has popped up in Australia.

Muscle Mail
Another White Hot Special has emerged – and it’s a little ripper. Readers also recall the Sandown 6-Hour classics of 1964 and 1965, Moffat’s Monza and Capri and provide a reality check.

Racing legend Fred Gibson walks us through the long list of road cars he’s owned over the years. We are amazed he can jam them all into one column. While Paul Gover recalls Holden’s GTR-X.

Immortality 1: Goss
This XC Falcon hardtop never set racetracks on fire between 1977 and 1979 but it is set to become one of the Australia’s most loved Historic racecars. It’s just been restored and prepped to be ultra-reliable in its second racing life.

Immortality 2: Moffat
It’s the car that stirred the Australian touring car pot in the 1980s. Fittingly, the last Mazda RX7 raced by Moffat’s team is the most original of the surviving rotary racers today.

Immortality 3: Grice
Elvis lives! Despite a life of excess – including three crashes in its first three race meetings – this ex-Grice Commodore has an unbroken line of history and a long line of broken panels.

Immortality 4: Johnson
If there’s a Group C-era touring car in a condition more original than Dick Johnson’s famous Greens-Tuf XE Falcon – the second one – we want to know about it.

For Ford fiends, we present Gossy in all his glory. Sorry, make that one of Gossy’s cars. On the flipside, there’s a White Knight Charger.

Immortality 5: Brock
From nearly winning Bathurst on debut to sitting on the side of a Melbourne street, Peter Brock’s first touring car championship-winning XU-1 Torana has quite the story behind it.

Immortality 6: Richards
Who better to restore an historic racecar than the bloke who originally built it. Who better to race it today than the car’s original star driver, one Jim Richards. This 635CSi started its racing life as a Group C machine, before it became a Group A machine. Now it’s back in Group C guise.

Muscle Man
Cartoonist John Stoneham is an Australian motoring institution. Allow AMC to paint the picture of his near 50-year publishing career.

World’s fastest taxi? Hardly. But polarising style – along with dazzling on-track results – put Holden’s opposition in the shade.

Slots, Sleuth & R-Rated
We welcome Michael Stahl to AMC’s list of regular writers, joining V8 Sleuth Aaron Noonan and, this issue, Chrysler expert Gavin Farmer. Michael is our new slot car expert.

Sacred Sites
Baskerville is certainly no basket-case. In fact, big things are happening at the little Hobart track that hosted the top names of the 1970s. We reckon it should be the blueprint for racetracks built today. Wait til you see the photos kindly supplied by Bruce Smart (of

Continuing our Sunday Too Far Away theme, we discover why the Ross Bond driven Torana A9X sedan failed to qualify for the 1977 Hardie-Ferodo 1000.

Australian Muscle Car-Magazine-Current issue