The Chevrolet Corvette has been winning plenty of praise and attention with the eight-generation model - and arch-rival Ford is ready to hit back.

According to a report from, the blue oval is considering introducing a new performance coupe that would sit above the Mustang and act as a more direct rival to the Corvette. And that’s only half the story, because this new model could wear the famous Thunderbird badge.

The story goes that Ford would build a front-engined sports coupe, rather than a mid-engine sports car like the latest Corvette, but its performance would be aimed squarely at the Chevrolet hero model. 

While it may seem like a stretch at first, the original Thunderbird was designed specifically to be a direct rival to the ‘55 Corvette, with both being two-door convertibles powered by V8 engines.

The ‘T-bird’ survived for 10 generations, evolving into a rather forgettable coupe by the mid-1990s, before it was discontinued. It returned in 2002 as a retro-themed convertible but proved so unpopular it was axed by 2005.

While that may seem like the Thunderbird is an unlikely candidate for a return, especially as a performance car, Ford is currently in the midst of leveraging its past nameplates for modern models; witness the Bronco and Maverick.

It’s too early to know if these reports are accurate or if Ford will go through with such a plan, but for fans of fast Fords it would make an exciting addition.