Demand for Australian Muscle Cars is at an all-time high and it appears we’re about to get an insight into what collector’s value more - HSV or HDT.

When Peter Brock’s ‘85 HDT model sold in May 2021 it fetched a whopping $1,057,509 price at auction, pushing it past the previous Holden record - an HSV GTSR W1 Maloo that sold for $1,050,000 in January of ‘21.

Now HSV could be ready to take the title back, with another HSV GTSR W1 Maloo up for sale, currently listed on the Carsales classifieds website with a $1.5m asking price. If the owner can find a buyer at that amount it’s believed it will be the third most expensive Australian-made car, behind only the $2.1m paid for Brock’s ‘82 and ‘83 Bathurst winning race car and the extremely rare 1972 Ford Falcon XA GTHO Phase IV that reportedly traded for “just under” $2m last year.

The HSV in question is one of only four GTSR W1 Maloo that the company produced before it stopped working with locally-made models. It’s powered by Chevrolet’s ‘LS9’ supercharged 6.2-litre V8 making 474kW and 815Nm.

The four W1 Maloos were built for a quartet of HSV’s most loyal customers and were never offered to the general public. Each one is finished in a unique colour, with the one up for grabs finished in the same ‘Yellah’ yellow hue as the original GTSR that was based on the VS Commodore and launched in 1996.

But trying to secure such a high price for this rare machine isn’t simple. The car was put up for sale by Lloyds Auctions in September last year and despite bids reaching $1.15m the owner opted not to sell. So the current owner has decided to sell privately in the hope it will reach his target of $1.5m.

Given the rarity and the condition of this particular model, with just 19km on the odometer, it’s possible he could get what he’s asking - or at least beat the price for Brock’s VK Commodore.

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