But why is the story called The Mustang Myth? Because, according to the uncredited writer, this pony car was a donkey.

“Unfortunately I have to report to all those Mustang lovers that in this form it is probably the worst car I have driven since that Terrible, Terrific Torino convertible I wrote about late in 1968,” writes whoever it was (the magazine’s editor Peter Robinson we suspect).

What’s interesting is that, even at the dawn of the Australian muscle car era, the writer was recommending something local.

“Certainly the Australian Falcon GT is a far superior motor car in every way except styling,” he says. It was the sexy look of the imported car, plus the winning performance on the track by Pete Geoghegan in earlier models, which created the Mustang Myth.

“All the same I hope to twist Ford’s arm (fat chance after reading this)
and get the car for a weekend sometime during the summer,” added the writer. As he says, “it is beaut for posing, you see.” A real crumpet catcher, to use authentic 1970 lingo.

This article appeared in Australia MUSCLE CAR Magazine Issue 34