Issue 103

Issue 103

Muscle News
A Phase III sells for more than $1m; Ford confirms Bullitt special edition ’Stang for Australia.

Muscle Maniac
The Bluebird turbo’s dual-purpose ashtray, and the E49 Charger that took on A9X Toranas.

Legend columnist Bob Morris reflects on ’71, while Aaron Noonan seeks Historic changes.

Holden Monaro HK
As the HK Monaro celebrates its 50th birthday, we present 50 reasons to love the first GTS.

Monaro styling
Inside Holden’s design studio in the ‘60s as the first Holden coupe, the Monaro HK, takes shape.

Marketing the Monaro
If you think Holden targetted a male-only market with the first Monaro, you’re mistaken.

The glory years of Group C in Amaroo Park’s legendary AMSCAR Series.

Shiel of steel
The story of 1983 AMSCAR winner Terry Shiel’s Mazda RX7, now restored to its former glory.

Muscle Man: George Fury
Fury by name... Nissan’s former rally ace who tamed the Bluebird turbo on the tar.

Goss Phase III
This most famous of dealer Phase III racers resurfaces and is reunited with driver John Goss.

Muscle Car Masters report
All the action on and off the track from this year’s Muscle Car Masters.

KB’s Keepsakes
Kevin Bartlett is your tour guide in this fascinating look at his memorabillia collection.

Top 25: Bathurst T-Cars
The top 25 Great Race practice ‘T’ cars.