Issue 116

Issue 116

Muscle News

Doubts over an Oz Corvette and Supercars’ post-Covid dilemma

Muscle Maniac

Class Driving with Brocky and GT-HO mishaps with Gossy

Shining Diamond

Ford’s Diamond White GT-HO Phase II road test ‘press car’ lives on today, unrestored but in fi ne fettle, 50 years after it left the Ford factory. As they say, Diamonds are forever...

A new Phase in racing

The Falcon GT-HO Phase II didn’t have a long competition career but while it was on track it enjoyed plenty of success - and it avenged Ford for the Bathurst embarrassment of ‘69

50 Reasons

50 reasons to love the XW Falcon GT-HO Phase II

Muscle Man: Joe Felice

He was Holden’s face of motorsport in the 1970s, the man who developed the Holden Dealer Team, sacked Peter Brock and Harry Firth, and ushered in a decade of classic Toranas

Back in the Day

Looking back at the 1975 Hardie-Ferodo 1000

Grandpa’s axe

Like the proverbial Grandpa’s Axe, this 50 year-old Monaro rally car has been through numerous incarnations, and boasts a heritage closely linked to Harry Firth and the HDT

Punter Pics

One AMC reader’s snaps from sunny Queensland in the ‘70s and ‘80s

Super Chicken

Holden’s Super Chicken may have sounded like poultry in motion but it fl ew the coup before really catching on


Part Mini, part Holden, the automotive Frankenstein’s monster that was the ‘Molden’