Issue 123

Issue 123

Hey Charger!

It’s remembered mostly for that cheeky ad campaign but the VH Valiant Charger is a car that deserves proper respect - especially now that it’s celebrating its 50th birthday

Charger on track

\With a three-speed gearbox and undersized brakes, the E38 wasn’t perfect. But when it came to the Bathurst classic, the Charger’s main problem was its GT-HO Phase III opposition


FTE was the forerunner of FPV, and with the stroked 5.6-litre Windsor V8-powered TE50 T3 it saved its best till last. AMC looks back at this under appreciated AU Falcon-based muscle car

Magic Monaro

This Monaro was six years in the remaking, but just when the beautifully restored HK GTS 327 was almost ready to be fi red up and driven, along came the 2019/20 summer bushfires...

John Bowe

John Bowe is no stranger to doing battle on the track at high speed.
He hopes a battle of a very different kind won’t slow him down.

Max Stewart Pt2

The second installment of our Muscle Man feature on the late, great Max Stewart


The Perentti kit car was a downunder Holden Corvette in more ways than one - an Australian made Corvette C3 lookalike based on Holden HQ ute/panel van underpinnings

Back in the day

Looking back at the weird, wild and wonderful world of 1970s Sports Sedan racing