Issue 124

Issue 124

The last Brock Holdens

The never-before-told story of the fi nal fi ve Peter Brock-modifi ed Holden road cars - and the
‘Brock Enhanced’ programme which Holden ordered Brock to shut down

Shelby Falcon

The XC Cobra was not the fi rst Aussie Falcon to wear the iconic Shelby Cobra badge. But while these XY Falcons were dealer optioned cars, unlike the XC Cobra they had real Shelby sting

Vale Leffo

Remembering the life and racing career of John Leffler

Barry Sharp

This colourful knockabout Sydney race ace was Sharp by name as well as performance, even if the V8-powered Sports Sedans he raced tended to be more like blunt instruments

Strip Teaser

Away from the road racing circuits Barry Sharp had a whole separate career in drag racing - sometimes in secret, so the road racing chiefs would ban him for his extracurricular activities

HSRCA Sydney Classic

Pics from the HSRCA Queen’s Birthday long weekend meeting at Sydney Motorsport Park

New age F5000

It’s Formula 5000 but not as we knew it - it’s S5000, an F5000-style openwheeler category for the 21st century, powered by a thundering 5.2-litre race-tuned Mustang V8 engine

Back in the day

The 1978 Australian Manufacturers’ Championship - when the Torana A9Xs were toppled not by Falcon XC Cobra Hardtops but by four-cylinder Ford Escorts