Issue 128

Issue 128

Thunder and frightening

The return of big banger V8 openwheeler racing to Mount Panorama


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 30th anniversary EL Ford Falcon GT, we present some previously unseen pics of the car’s development and production process


GM has joined Ford in overtly backing the new Gen3 Supercars regs. But why is Chevrolet Racing getting involved downunder with a Camaro Supercar, and what do the fans think of it all?

Violet rumble

This is a factory-original XB Fairmont with a difference - it’s  nished in the distinctive violet colours of former freight company Kwikasair, and has a white half-vinyl ‘Continental’ roof

Muscle Man: Mal Rose

From Amaroo Park to the Nurburgring and pretty much everything in between in Aussie motorsport, this is the roller coaster 30-year career of Mal Rose

Diorama Daze

When one Holden fan learned that the hallowed former headquarters of the Holden Dealer Team were about to be demolished, he swung into action

Holden’s forgotten men

Holden’s motorsport involvement didn’t start with the Holden Dealer Team and it didn’t even start at Bathurst. These are the forgotten men of Holden’s 1960s pre-HDT rally programme

McGee dynasty - pt3

Part three in our series on Hedley McGee and sons Phil and Chris covers their time in US drag racing - and the obstacles they faced Stateside