Issue 64

Issue 64

Muscle News
Paul Gover reports on the Falcon GT’s homecoming, the ‘quarter century’ HSV GTS and the latest on Holden’s and Ford’s futures. We also review Bathurst and Bonneville. Our resident Muscle Maniac, James Cockington, checks auctions big and small, and bids farewell to the Flying Dutchman and the mysterious Mystere.

Muscle Mail
Readers recall: the Viva GT, #24C XU-1, Bill Pitt and the Hawk GT. In Muscle Assist the queries range from a missing Falcon ute to a Monaro wearing Barney’s Shirt.

In Muscle Cars I’ve Known, ‘lucky Phil’ Anders admits he’s been less than lucky with his Toranas. By contrast, Fred Gibson explains how ‘old-school’ attention to detail can keep classic muscle cars driving almost like new.

E49 Charger at 40
Gavin Farmer and Gary Bridger celebrate the R/T E49’s 40th anniversary and restore this misunderstood muscle car to its rightful place in history.

Chargers racing in NZ
Gary Bridger reveals how the Charger became Immortal Muscle across the ditch, thanks to its wins over Ford and Holden.

Bathurst retro winner
Bottle-O says “cheers” to the 1967 Bathurst winning XRGT via a very special livery. This is the inside story of a second coming.

Meet HSV’s chief
Paul Gover introduces us to Phil Harding, the former Rolls-Royce engineering guru, hand-picked by Tom Walkinshaw to be his chief wizard in Oz.

The first Monaro winner
James Cockington tells the fascinating story of how two Holden employees became race-winners – simply because no-one else knew the car as well as they did.

2012 AMCM report
Bruce Moxon and the team take us on and off-track for the event that’s getting bigger and better every Father’s Day, this year with added muscle from NZ.

Muscle Man
Once described as “one of the straightest in racing” Warren Cullen famously put a condom on a Commodore, to fund his racing. Paul Newby interviews this likable accidental touring car driver.

The Hardie-Ferodome
After Lang Lang and You Yangs, James Cockington rediscovers the lesser-known, but still vital, proving grounds that are part of Aussie muscle car history.

Toranas on the Mount
Phil Walmsley was in Bathurst for a special celebration of Brocky’s triumphant LJ XU-1 in ‘72. That’s Phil’s Purr Pull Torana to the left.

1962 Bathurst 6 Hour
Largely overshadowed by the Armstrong 500s at P.I. this one-off forerunner of the Great Race is fascinating for its famous entrants and quirky incidents.

Out of Action
The nest-egg XA GT, backyard bombs and a sunken Valiant – just some of the mislaid muscle spotted by our readers.

Where’s the trio of history-making Monaros from 1968? If you know, drop us a line. Our operators are standing by to take your call. Find them and we’ll throw in a set of steak knives. But that’s not all...