Issue 65

Issue 65

Muscle News
Paul Gover reports in from Vegas on the Commodore-based NASCAR’s unveiling and also Ford’s latest plans for FPV, resto spares and Oz Mustangs. We also sneak a peek at Crenno’s HSV collectibles and a spring SEMA surprise.

Muscle Maniac
James Cockington views Ben Quilty’s car art, the latest auction results, car bosses’ drives, long forgotten magazines and other retro rarities.

Muscle Mail
Readers reminisce over Marlboro promo cars, the 1962 Bathurst 6 Hour Classic and Bob Jane. While Muscle Assist pays off for owners of old cop cars, an XT and an SS. Help wanted for a white Monaro and Pinky Tuscadero.

Phil Anders vents his feelings about VH Commodores. Fred Gibson reflects on his ’67 Bathurst win. And guest columnist John McCoy-Lancaster asks “is America still in love with the Muscle Car?”

XE Fairmont ESP
John Ruggiero marks the end of Ford’s Cleveland V8 era with an in-depth look at this often misunderstood Aussie muscle car.

Black Magic
At this year’s Muscle Car Masters, a ‘sleeper’ Torana A9X was re-united with its original owner/driver to complete a 25-year quest to find out its racing roots.

Building Bowe’s Boss
Tony Whitlock reveals what’s gone into making JB’s ‘69 Mustang such a consistent TCM winner.

Aussie Muscle Car Run
Mr Ed takes a ‘busman’s holiday’ with the guys and girls cruising South Australia for a great cause and good times.

Cars of the Past: 1993
V8 Sleuth Aaron Noonan goes back 20 years to investigate what became of the 5-litre touring car era’s (what we now call V8 Supercar) earliest cars.

Muscle Man
Paul Newby talks to a racing stalwart and Bathurst veteran, Lawrie Nelson, who is still making racing history after 43 years.

Bathurst 1969
We dig up hitherto unseen photos – and some little-known facts – from the year that the Ford took on Holden in a big way.

Wally Clark
David Cook meets drag racing’s Marcos Ambrose – the Aussie who spent many years beating the ‘seppos’ on their home turf.

Out of Action
Here’s one hell of a way to get out of action: the World Car Jump record! Plus more sites of sadness and salvage, including a muscle graveyard in Japan. Get the tissues ready.

Aaron Noonan couldn’t find Bob Jones’ Ampol Max 3 Commodore VP. Can you? And we’re still missing a trio of Monaros from 1968...