Lot 170 in the 2022 Shannons Winter Online Auction is a 2005 Holden VZ SS Ute, which to the untrained eye looks rather unspectacular. But it’s actually an incredibly rare piece of Peter Brock history.

It’s one of just five ‘Brock Enhanced’ VY and VZ Commodores that the touring car legend was involved in the year before his death. And this 2005 SS Ute is the same model that featured on the cover of AMC Issue #124, where we provided a deep-dive into the history of these Brock-approved and modified Commodores.

The Brock Enhanced Ute has a 290kW V8 engine.

Of the five Brock Enhanced Commodores this is the only ‘Group 2’ version, which means it has upgrades to its exhaust, suspension, brakes and wheels. All these changes were based on lessons Brock himself learnt while racing a Monaro CV8 in Targa events during this time.

Click here to read our in-depth story from AMC Issue #124 on how these Brock Enhanced Holdens came to be.

He and his Team Brock crew worked with the same supplies that modified his Targa cars to come up with the three levels of upgrade kits - Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3. The latter was the top level and elevated a customer’s car to almost the same standard as Brock’s Targa Monaro.

According to the Shannons listing the one-of-a-kind ute now makes 290kW thanks to a remapped ECU and free flow exhaust on its V8 engine. It rides on Bilstein T1 Targa sports dampers and Eibach springs and has AP Racing brakes fitted (four-piston calipers at the front and two-piston calipers at the rear).

The Holden is being sold in the 2022 Shannons Winter Online Auction.

The car’s owner, Jim Selosse, was a part-time driving instructor for Team Brock Driving Life and explained to AMC that Brock was personally involved in the build of this car from the beginning, even helping to source the production ute from a dealer.

Selosse used the car for three years as a daily driver but has had it garaged since. The car is reportedly showing 80,000km on the odometer and is mechanically sound after he replaced the clutch slave cylinder.

Shannons has posted a price guide of between $75,000 to $95,000 for the car, which is expensive for a 17 year old ute but is arguably a bargain for a piece of Peter Brock’s remarkable career on and off the racetrack.