In any case the appearance of a Falcon on this record would have been pretty good publicity. In 1960 Lonnie Lee was voted Australia’s most popular male singer. This is supposedly the first Australian LP record to be released with a full-colour cover.

The first XK series Falcons were apparently terrible things to drive – thanks to the American ‘boulevard ride’ – but we tend to forget just how cool they looked. These were definitely cars of the future and as shown here, ideal for taking a beautiful lady out to a Kings Cross nightclub.

Lonnie Lee has another automotive claim to fame. In 1960 he was following his good mate Johnny O’Keefe down the Pacific Highway near Kempsey when JOK had his monumental head-on collision in his red Plymouth Belvedere. When Lonnie arrived at the scene of the accident he quickly removed JOK’s stash of marijuana hidden in the Plymouth’s hubcap before the cops arrived.

This article appeared in Australia MUSCLE CAR Magazine Issue 60