Issue 82

Issue 82

Muscle News
Falcon takes a farewell bow with a 2016 turbo and is Camaro coming?Beverage to consume while reading this section: Turbo King Dark Ale.

Muscle Maniac
Falcon restorer, Cameron Manewell, is still pinching himself that he ended upsupplying a pair of coupes for Mad Max: Fury Road as the bare-metal 'RazorCola'. Beverage: The spirit of your choice - mixed with you-know-what.

Muscle Mail
Readers recall some memorable prangs, remember Frank and Leo and giveBo a great rap. Beverage: A schooner of Old.

Fred Gibson's memories of the 1990 Sydney Nissan 500 and Paul Gover'stales of upsetting car company chiefs. Beverage: Crabbie's Ginger Beer.

Star Car: Brabham HB
The Brabham Torana was more show pony than pony car, but it got the ballrolling on a decade of sporty Toranas. Beverage: A pint of Black and Tan.

Star Car: Moss Pacer
Chrysler Australia turned to a London-based member of racing royalty toextol the virtues of its new engine. Then it created a signature edition modelthat, erm, didn't carry his signature. Beverage: A G & T please, m'dear.

Star Car: DJGPT Falcon
The Dick Johnson Grand Prix Turbo road car occupies a special place in thehearts of Blue Oval devotees. But Dick wasn't the first choice for the car'screators. Beverage: A XXXX (somewhat) Bitter.

Star Car: Brock VK
It's 30 years since Peter Brock's VK Group A Commodore hit Australianroads. Unlike its VC and VH predecessors, HDT's 'Blue Meanie' waspurpose-built to enable Holden to take on the racing world. Beverage: A BlueMeanie cocktail, well stirred. It's vodka and Blue Curacao Liqueur.

Star Car: Brock Falcon
The Brock B8 was a well-executed, mildly-enhanced EA Falcon thatdemonstrated, after the Lada debacle, that he was back in business as aspecial vehicle manufacturer. Beverage: A nice herbal tea - not too hot, butjust the right blend of refined, flavoursome leaves.

A pair of ATCC winners: Bob Morris's A9X and Moff's Phase III.

Star Car: WGR VS
When Wayne Gardner swapped two wheels for four, he could hardly haveimagined his touring car team would soon be producing hot Holdens for theroad bearing his signature. Beverage: This Swan's made for you.

Muscle Man
Tony Longhurst has been a central figure in some of motor racing's mostfamous - and infamous - moments. He reflects on his major achievements.Beverage: XXXX Gold (Coast, that is).

Cars that won Bathurst
No model can top the XA Falcon's win-rate of two Great Race victories inthe model's only two appearances. Sadly, neither of the two winning chassissurvived the ravages of time. Beverage: Tooth's - where is it now?

Kiwi L34 Torana
The Torana L34, in which Jim Richards made his stunning Bathurst debut in1974, lives on today in NZ. Beverage: Kiwi lager - like the race, cold and wet.

V8 Sleuth & R-Rated
Our behind-the-scenes correspondents shine the spotlight on some lesserknowncars and drivers, and reveal the Charger designs that got nobbled.Beverage: A boutique beer with acrum chaser.

Top 25
Inspired by our Brock Falcon B8 feature, AMC presents 25 of Perfect Pete'snon-Holden treats - both racecars and signature edition roadies. Beverage:Clayton's - the drink you have when you're not having a drink.

Sacred Sites
In a curious way, Caversham owes much of its success as a circuit to motorracing's most tragic crash. Beverage: A nice dry red from the Swan Valley.

Punter Pics
Several readers wrote expressing sadness at the passing of Frank Matich.However, Howard Smith's email was unique in featuring a series of imagesthat span Matich's career. Beverage: A toast "to absent friends."

Out of Action
Beverage: A Rusty Nail cocktail.