Issue 84

Issue 84

Muscle News
In this issue: the date set for Falcon's final flight; Commodore VFII's tweaksand facelift; the end of the Holden V8; Mustangs coming for Christmas; andnew 6.3l Chrysler 300 SRT8 is paradise for gangstas.

Muscle Maniac
You're excused if you've overlooked the Fairmont hardtop's only touringcar start, in the 1977 HangTen 400 at Sandown. We also recall the CastrolCougars and showcase a Brock VL in My Muscle Car.

Muscle Mail
The Stirling Moss Special that crashed out of existence; memories ofBathurst 1977; the merits of the 6 Hour vs 12 Hour; debating the Top 25Classic Aussie Muscle Cars� and more.

Racing legend Fred Gibson provides a different, behind-the-scenesperspective to our cover story about Larry Perkins' 1995 Bathurst victory;while Paul Gover recalls some of the car industry's daftest naming ideas.

Great Escape 1
Twenty years after Perkins and Ingall snatched Bathurst victory from the jawsof defeat, we recall that it was all about preparation and perseverance.

Great Escape 2
AMC recalls a high-flying GT-HO from Bathurst 1970 that lived to raceanother day and beat the works cars.

Great Escape 3
We tracked down the survivor of the Bathurst 1000's most violent, non-fatalcrash. Imagine spearing off Conrod and hitting a tree.

The 1971 Chrysler Valiant Stirling Moss Special- as featured in issue #82 -back-to-back with Allan Moffat's Coca-Cola Mustang from 1969.

Great Escape 4
Found! The top-secret LJ GTR Torana V8 prototype that escaped the 'DeadSled' After 43 years the truth is out.

Muscle Man
There's a lot more to Neil Crompton and his racing achievements than thetalking head we all know. A co-driver who partnered Peter Brock, CraigLowndes, Glenn Seton, Brad Jones and Wayne Gardner at Bathurst andnever let them down. Proper respect, now.

Muscle Car Masters
The 10th anniversary Australian Muscle Car Masters celebrated 25 yearssince the venue's first big touring car bash. The AMC team takes you on track,into the pits, round the paddock and back in time, for this report.

Toy Shop Pantera
It's 30 years since a sleek, ground-effects de Tomaso Pantera with a Ford V8briefly hit Aussie tracks... before exiting stage left. Heavens to Murgatroyd!

V8 Sleuth & R-Rated
Aaron Noonan's hot on the trail of newly restored muscle. And how about aValiant Charger hatchback with Aston Martin looks - another 1970s flash ofbrilliance that Chrysler put in the 'too hard' basket � or should that be boot?

Wolves in Wool II
We nominate our second batch of Aussie-built cars in plain wrappers that golike the clappers. Well, faster than their looks suggest, at least. There are twoluxo-cruisers, three mid-size sixes and a tiddler.

Sacred Sites
The Hume Weir circuit really was between a rock and hard place, but gavelocal motorsport enthusiasts two decades of top name action before it wasdammed to closure.

Out of Action
Lost in NZ, burnt-out in Tassie, rusting in NSW, marooned in SA - our readerswander far and wide in search of abandoned automotive gems.

A moment's silence please, for the 1970s Bathurst campaigns that failed tomake the grid. We pause to remember the teams that practised but didn'trace. A time when Sunday proved too far away.