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Muscle News
Falcon takes a farewell bow with a 2016 turbo and is Camaro coming? Beverage to consume while reading this section: Turbo King Dark Ale.

Muscle Maniac
Falcon restorer, Cameron Manewell, is still pinching himself that he ended up supplying a pair of coupes for Mad Max: Fury Road as the bare-metal 'Razor Cola'. Beverage: The spirit of your choice - mixed with you-know-what.

Muscle Mail
Readers recall some memorable prangs, remember Frank and Leo and give Bo a great rap. Beverage: A schooner of Old.

Fred Gibson's memories of the 1990 Sydney Nissan 500 and Paul Gover's tales of upsetting car company chiefs. Beverage: Crabbie's Ginger Beer.

Star Car: Brabham HB
The Brabham Torana was more show pony than pony car, but it got the ball rolling on a decade of sporty Toranas. Beverage: A pint of Black and Tan.

Star Car: Moss Pacer
Chrysler Australia turned to a London-based member of racing royalty to extol the virtues of its new engine. Then it created a signature edition model that, erm, didn't carry his signature. Beverage: A G & T please, m'dear.

Star Car: DJGPT Falcon
The Dick Johnson Grand Prix Turbo road car occupies a special place in the hearts of Blue Oval devotees. But Dick wasn't the first choice for the car's creators. Beverage: A XXXX (somewhat) Bitter.

Star Car: Brock VK
It's 30 years since Peter Brock's VK Group A Commodore hit Australian roads. Unlike its VC and VH predecessors, HDT's 'Blue Meanie' was purpose-built to enable Holden to take on the racing world. Beverage: A Blue Meanie cocktail, well stirred. It's vodka and Blue Curacao Liqueur.

Star Car: Brock Falcon
The Brock B8 was a well-executed, mildly-enhanced EA Falcon that demonstrated, after the Lada debacle, that he was back in business as a special vehicle manufacturer. Beverage: A nice herbal tea - not too hot, but just the right blend of refined, flavoursome leaves.

A pair of ATCC winners: Bob Morris's A9X and Moff's Phase III.

Star Car: WGR VS
When Wayne Gardner swapped two wheels for four, he could hardly have imagined his touring car team would soon be producing hot Holdens for the road bearing his signature. Beverage: This Swan's made for you.

Muscle Man
Tony Longhurst has been a central figure in some of motor racing's most famous - and infamous - moments. He reflects on his major achievements. Beverage: XXXX Gold (Coast, that is).

Cars that won Bathurst
No model can top the XA Falcon's win-rate of two Great Race victories in the model's only two appearances. Sadly, neither of the two winning chassis survived the ravages of time. Beverage: Tooth's - where is it now?

Kiwi L34 Torana
The Torana L34, in which Jim Richards made his stunning Bathurst debut in 1974, lives on today in NZ. Beverage: Kiwi lager - like the race, cold and wet.

V8 Sleuth & R-Rated
Our behind-the-scenes correspondents shine the spotlight on some lesserknown cars and drivers, and reveal the Charger designs that got nobbled. Beverage: A boutique beer with acrum chaser.

Top 25
Inspired by our Brock Falcon B8 feature, AMC presents 25 of Perfect Pete's non-Holden treats - both racecars and signature edition roadies. Beverage: Clayton's - the drink you have when you're not having a drink.

Sacred Sites
In a curious way, Caversham owes much of its success as a circuit to motor racing's most tragic crash. Beverage: A nice dry red from the Swan Valley.

Punter Pics
Several readers wrote expressing sadness at the passing of Frank Matich. However, Howard Smith's email was unique in featuring a series of images that span Matich's career. Beverage: A toast "to absent friends."

Out of Action
Beverage: A Rusty Nail cocktail.

Australian Muscle Car-Magazine-Current issue