Issue 105

Issue 105

Muscle News
The great Bathurst Brock auction and the arrival of HSV’s RHD Camaro.

Vale Bob Jane
Bob Jane was a towering  gure in the history of Australian motorsport.

Muscle Maniac
The day the cops mistook Bob Morris for Kingsley Hibbard, the day John Goss met the GG.

Goss Prototype
The car John Goss wanted to race at Bathurst in 1975 becomes a reality 40-plus years later.

HRT Walky
The early Walkinshaw ‘test mule’ Commodore Group A SV that’s still racing today.

Coupe 4
When the LS1-powered Holden in your garage is an all-wheel-drive ‘all-paws’ Black Panther.

Muscle Man: John Sheppard
He mastermind the success of the Geoghegans, of Bob Jane’s team, and Brock’s A9X Bathurst wins.

My Muscle Car
AMC readers show us their muscle cars.

Race across the World
Extract from John Smailes’ new book about the 1968 London-to-Sydney Marathon.

Baskerville Historics
Images from the Baskerville Historics meeting – a highlight on the historic racing calendar.

Back in the day
Mount Panorama was a very different kind of place half a century ago.

The old Grey Six
Holden’s motorsporting history began with the humble old ‘Grey’ inline six cylinder engine.

Sacred Sites
The Supercars street circuits that didn’t stand the test of time.